Corruption in Black Hawk

Blood is spilled on campus

Thorn has noticed an increase in Ghoulish activity in the Hartman Reserve area. He has been tasked by the Summer Lady as to why they have been so active in the land. Not a high priority, but worth poking around in.

The Ghoulish activity has not gone unnoticed by Rolf, though Rolf and Thorn have not crossed paths at all for this. Nothing major has happened, but Rolf is aware. Business has been booming for the ol’ curmudgeon, mainly due to the epic tale of his Iron Dogs.

Axel had a pick up in business lately. Tasked with finding a missing man, named Richard Green, by Carl Jenkins, a friend a fellow gambler at the Isle of Capri Sun. Axel sweet talked his way in, despite the new owners and stiff guards. He talked with the manager Tabatha Wallace, who had been just recently been hired by the new owners. She said they’d look into it. Later, they told Axel that they last saw him 4 days ago, but he did not leave in his car, apparently.

Serge was alerted to a major crimescene at Delta Epsilon Kappa. Bodies and blood was everywhere. There were rumors that the campus vigilante had taken out this fraternity, who was known for their awful shenanigans. He circle backs later, with quite the buzz going on, as is to be expected.

Upon entering with his fellow compatriots, they found a warzone. Some had been killed in their sleep. Others had put up a fight. Walls were covered with bullet holes and slashes with a rough serrated blade. Downstairs, they found a lot of lockers filled with equipment befit for a police force. Upstairs, more blood was apparently shed. Lastly, They found an entrance to the attic. Ascending the stairs, the light showed chains hooked to the walls with dried blood everywhere. A torture table with instruments stood ready to the side. Two of the chains had been broken above the shackles. The rest of the shackles had been opened by someone as opposed to broken.

They left the scene and Serge just couldn’t keep his alcohol down, tossing it on the road.


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