Corruption in Black Hawk

Wanted: Dead or Alive

The tense encounter between the party and Calvin is brought to physical terms. Serge goes to protect Rosa as the ogres come up and try and grab her. Thorn stares down Calvin and keeps him at bay. The rumbling from outside explodes into the sound of the wards snapping and other loud noises. Margon puts on his worried face, only seen once before when he was on the shoot with legendary super-cock Magnum Exxxcalibur. He runs off to head off whatever is bringing down the house in the entry.

Rolf, Serge and the ogres continue their scuffle as Axle goes and also sees what’s going on out front. He peers out one of the doors just as the demon faye hybrid bursts through one of the other doors and charges down to the ogres that had formed a wall in front of Rosa. A temporary truce is called between the party and Calvin, and they turn to take on the beast.

Serge, Calvin, Axel and Thorn take their time putting the hybrid off balance. The hybrid, using its faye hand, turns one of the ogres in front of him into the same pale blue that shoot through the hybrid. On the other ogre, he uses his demonic hand and straight melts one of the ogres arms into ectoplasm. After this, Rolf gathers an immense amount of power, nearly too much for him to control, and, using magnetism, rail guns one of his iron dogs right through the hybrid, punching a hole in its giant form. His head burns with pain after this.

Rosa freaks the fuck out at this point and bolts. The hybrid gives chase and knocks Rosa to the ground. The turned ogre looks to Rolf and delivers a heavy blow to his ribs, bruising them. Calvin’s eyes turn white and he starts summons his icy magic. Serge and Axel attack the hybrid, putting it off balance yet again. Thorn gives chase to the hybrid, and with one expertly placed strike empowered by his summer sponsors, pierces the hybrid beast straight through its ugly face. It falls to the ground.

Calvin unleashes and annihilates the remaining ogre. The dust settles. Calvin turns to Thorn and says, “I think it’s best we keep our distance for a while.” Thorn agrees and we take Rosa and our leave. Before we left, Thorn turned around and spat, “I gotta ask, what the fuck was that?” Calvin replies, “Well, Elle summoned she shouldn’t have and she came after Rosa.”

We head out the door and find Margon unconscious in the rubble. We pick him up and start moving towards the cars. Rosa pipes up and says “…hey… I found this while I was there.” She pulls out a notebook that is eerily familiar. Rolf takes it up and is pretty sure it’s connected to the other books they’ve found. It has winter court stank all over it. Rolf tosses the book to Thorn saying, “you need this, don’t you?” “Yeah, I have to take one of these books to the lady”

Rolf talked with Rosa a bit more. Rosa said that the book was just lying on the desk in the room she was in. It didn’t seem hidden at all. Also, she said that Elle used some of her blood for the ritual, which is why the hybrid was on to her scent. It seems now, though that she is safe.


loneweasel Chewie_8

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