Corruption in Black Hawk

Teenage mutant ninja ghouls

After the emotionally rough night, the party went to sleep and reconvened at Rolf’s at noon. Thorn made sure to bring a bunch of Taco Johns, his favorite. Serge was less than pleased.

The plan was to make a tracking device from the blood found at the frat house to help figure out what was going on. On the way into Rolf’s, Thorn had noticed some carcasses on the fringes of Rolf’s property. After investigating, Thorn found that it was most likely ghouls that had devoured some animals and then hiked back into the woods.

After entering the house, Thorn asked Rolf if he had seen the remains that seemed to be left by ghouls. Rolf had seen them earlier that morning, but had not investigated them yet. At the news of Thorn’s guess of ghouls, Rolf dropped the idea of making the tracking device to investigate the ghouls.

Serge, concerned that the campus bloodbath might make people more interested in finding the campus vigilante (which would most likely lead to him) really wants to solve that issue. Thorn, concerned for the secrecy of his bro-in-arms, pushes Rolf to help with deciphering the bloodbath. Rolf and Serge butt heads in conversation, but Serge concedes to make the tracking device after they investigate the ghouls.

The group heads to the forest and track the ghouls through the woods to a church parking lot with a few manhole covers. The group, with a bit of magical help with the surprisingly heavy manhole cover, descends into the sewers. They track the ghouls to an intersection a few miles away.

Serge peeked his panther face around the corner to spy three ghouls chattering and feasting on a pile of something. A human came out and yelled “hurry up, we need to find him!” Serge slinks back into the shadows to tell the rest of the group.

The party decides to set up an ambush. Rolf sets down a sound ward to help make sure the combat doesn’t attract too much unwanted attention. They set up around the corner and have Serge bait the ghouls into chasing him past the corner.

Just as Serge runs past, Thorn steps out and skewers the third ghoul in the group right in the ass, tearing him a new one. Rolf fires one of his hammer spikes and Axel narrowly misses the last. The ghouls, surprised, jump to engage the ambushing party.

A little bit into the fight, the human from eariler came up and shouted, in ancient Sumarian, “kin of the destroyer”, while pointing at Rolf, and “hunted”, pointing at Axel or Thorn. He also had his phone and took a picture of the group, mainly aimed at Serge.

After he took a picture, the mystery man took off at a massive sprint, the speed a bit out of character for a normal human. Serge broke out into a sprint after him. After a mighty chase, the man tripped a bit and Serge took the opportunity to pounce and bring him down. Serge took a bite with his jaws and grabbed the phone with some extra oomph to get some blood and gore. After a bit struggle, Serge got away and made it back to the now-ended battle.

While Serge was chasing the man, the fight had continued. Right after the man had shouted his words, the ghouls turned onto Rolf. Rolf stepped to the side and blasted the ground with his hammer sending cragged rock up from the floor, which ended up destroying one of the ghouls and maiming the others.

While this cataclysm was happening, a larger ghoul shambled into the fight. Thorn stood his ground and blocked the large ghoul from getting to the rest of the group. They started maneuvering and taking swipes at each other. The large ghoul had a hard time landed blows on Thorn, but they sure hurt when he did. The strikes Thorn were tossing back were no laughing matter, though.

The remaining ghouls did their best to take out Rolf, but just barely could not seal the deal. Axel and Rolf were able to incapacitate the last ghouls, just before they could descend upon Rolf one more time and bring the grumpy man to his knees. After they dropped, Rolf had enough and started busting ghouls heads in, while Axel went to help Thorn.

The large ghoul and Thorn were in a mighty fight. Thorn had done his best to dodge the beefy ghoul, but he had taken a few hits and was getting pretty weathered in the fight. The monster threw a big hail mary at Thorn, but missed. While the ghoul was recovering from the attack, Thorn took advantage of the distraction Axel had provided and punctured the ghouls skull through the eye. Rolf, nary a word said, nearly pushed Thorn in the sewage muck to get past him and crush the monsterous skull of the now fallen ghoul.

Breathing heavy and pretty battered, the group decided to call it good and head back to fresh air. Rolf took a moment to do his best to cover their tracks. Once above ground, they left the hefty manhole where it was, not wanting to bother with dragging the heavy sucker back to its rightful spot.

Back at Rolf’s, they were set to help Rolf artifice some tracking devices.

Blood is spilled on campus

Thorn has noticed an increase in Ghoulish activity in the Hartman Reserve area. He has been tasked by the Summer Lady as to why they have been so active in the land. Not a high priority, but worth poking around in.

The Ghoulish activity has not gone unnoticed by Rolf, though Rolf and Thorn have not crossed paths at all for this. Nothing major has happened, but Rolf is aware. Business has been booming for the ol’ curmudgeon, mainly due to the epic tale of his Iron Dogs.

Axel had a pick up in business lately. Tasked with finding a missing man, named Richard Green, by Carl Jenkins, a friend a fellow gambler at the Isle of Capri Sun. Axel sweet talked his way in, despite the new owners and stiff guards. He talked with the manager Tabatha Wallace, who had been just recently been hired by the new owners. She said they’d look into it. Later, they told Axel that they last saw him 4 days ago, but he did not leave in his car, apparently.

Serge was alerted to a major crimescene at Delta Epsilon Kappa. Bodies and blood was everywhere. There were rumors that the campus vigilante had taken out this fraternity, who was known for their awful shenanigans. He circle backs later, with quite the buzz going on, as is to be expected.

Upon entering with his fellow compatriots, they found a warzone. Some had been killed in their sleep. Others had put up a fight. Walls were covered with bullet holes and slashes with a rough serrated blade. Downstairs, they found a lot of lockers filled with equipment befit for a police force. Upstairs, more blood was apparently shed. Lastly, They found an entrance to the attic. Ascending the stairs, the light showed chains hooked to the walls with dried blood everywhere. A torture table with instruments stood ready to the side. Two of the chains had been broken above the shackles. The rest of the shackles had been opened by someone as opposed to broken.

They left the scene and Serge just couldn’t keep his alcohol down, tossing it on the road.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

The tense encounter between the party and Calvin is brought to physical terms. Serge goes to protect Rosa as the ogres come up and try and grab her. Thorn stares down Calvin and keeps him at bay. The rumbling from outside explodes into the sound of the wards snapping and other loud noises. Margon puts on his worried face, only seen once before when he was on the shoot with legendary super-cock Magnum Exxxcalibur. He runs off to head off whatever is bringing down the house in the entry.

Rolf, Serge and the ogres continue their scuffle as Axle goes and also sees what’s going on out front. He peers out one of the doors just as the demon faye hybrid bursts through one of the other doors and charges down to the ogres that had formed a wall in front of Rosa. A temporary truce is called between the party and Calvin, and they turn to take on the beast.

Serge, Calvin, Axel and Thorn take their time putting the hybrid off balance. The hybrid, using its faye hand, turns one of the ogres in front of him into the same pale blue that shoot through the hybrid. On the other ogre, he uses his demonic hand and straight melts one of the ogres arms into ectoplasm. After this, Rolf gathers an immense amount of power, nearly too much for him to control, and, using magnetism, rail guns one of his iron dogs right through the hybrid, punching a hole in its giant form. His head burns with pain after this.

Rosa freaks the fuck out at this point and bolts. The hybrid gives chase and knocks Rosa to the ground. The turned ogre looks to Rolf and delivers a heavy blow to his ribs, bruising them. Calvin’s eyes turn white and he starts summons his icy magic. Serge and Axel attack the hybrid, putting it off balance yet again. Thorn gives chase to the hybrid, and with one expertly placed strike empowered by his summer sponsors, pierces the hybrid beast straight through its ugly face. It falls to the ground.

Calvin unleashes and annihilates the remaining ogre. The dust settles. Calvin turns to Thorn and says, “I think it’s best we keep our distance for a while.” Thorn agrees and we take Rosa and our leave. Before we left, Thorn turned around and spat, “I gotta ask, what the fuck was that?” Calvin replies, “Well, Elle summoned she shouldn’t have and she came after Rosa.”

We head out the door and find Margon unconscious in the rubble. We pick him up and start moving towards the cars. Rosa pipes up and says “…hey… I found this while I was there.” She pulls out a notebook that is eerily familiar. Rolf takes it up and is pretty sure it’s connected to the other books they’ve found. It has winter court stank all over it. Rolf tosses the book to Thorn saying, “you need this, don’t you?” “Yeah, I have to take one of these books to the lady”

Rolf talked with Rosa a bit more. Rosa said that the book was just lying on the desk in the room she was in. It didn’t seem hidden at all. Also, she said that Elle used some of her blood for the ritual, which is why the hybrid was on to her scent. It seems now, though that she is safe.

Things get cold

We made it back to Rolf’s after feeling the encouter with St. Beacon’s angel. We recovered and went to our separate homes.

Next morning, Thorn had council with the summer court to figure out what the giant demon was and the winter court faye. He was tasked with finding one of the books. Rolf did research about partnered magic (denarians). Margon met with the police about the crime scene.

Thorn, Axel and Surge and Margon went to find Rosa Martinez in the neutral grounds. She wasn’t there, and had a no-call no-show at work. We got her address but she was not in her apartment. Looked like she was hurried out the door. We grabbed a hair brush for some compass action.

Rolf made a compass, and then him and Margon went to the police station to look at the book. The book was completely wiped clean, but Rolf used The Sight to determine that the book had been cleaned by winter faye magic. It appeared to be completely incased in ice. One of the police officers questioned what they had found, but Rolf declared, “you’re not getting anything else out of that book.”

Meanwhile, Thorn, Axel and Surge went to the Young Arena, led by the compass. Thorn stayed behind to not trip any wards. Axel and Surge snuck around and found the room Rosa was in, but it was locked. After finding that out, they left. The party met up, and we went back in.

Calvin Vincent met us and basically told us we weren’t welcome until after close. We denied his chili dogs and then waited until close. After entering in, we find Calvin and Rosa sitting together. Rosa was a bit distraught, but not really wanting to run. We questioned both Calvin and Rosa to make sure Rosa is fine and why she was there. Calvin responded, “I will gladly return her to you after daybreak.”

We find this very odd, and question further. Calvin feels that something “has her scent” and needs his protection. Rolf, at some point, put a calming hand on Rosa’s shoulder and, while not feeling any magic, felt a similar sensation to one of the sensations he felt at the house with Elle. We then start questioning Calvin, asking who Otis Henning is. He coyly responds, “I have no idea.” Rosa ejaculates, “that’s bullshit!” We then ask “Where’s Dobson?”

Calvin does not like this. “It’s really hard to come up with a good identity.” He then stands up and two winter / wild ogres stepped out of the shadows. Calvin pulls out two axes. “You can either leave, or we’re going to have a problem here.”


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