Corruption in Black Hawk

Things get cold

We made it back to Rolf’s after feeling the encouter with St. Beacon’s angel. We recovered and went to our separate homes.

Next morning, Thorn had council with the summer court to figure out what the giant demon was and the winter court faye. He was tasked with finding one of the books. Rolf did research about partnered magic (denarians). Margon met with the police about the crime scene.

Thorn, Axel and Surge and Margon went to find Rosa Martinez in the neutral grounds. She wasn’t there, and had a no-call no-show at work. We got her address but she was not in her apartment. Looked like she was hurried out the door. We grabbed a hair brush for some compass action.

Rolf made a compass, and then him and Margon went to the police station to look at the book. The book was completely wiped clean, but Rolf used The Sight to determine that the book had been cleaned by winter faye magic. It appeared to be completely incased in ice. One of the police officers questioned what they had found, but Rolf declared, “you’re not getting anything else out of that book.”

Meanwhile, Thorn, Axel and Surge went to the Young Arena, led by the compass. Thorn stayed behind to not trip any wards. Axel and Surge snuck around and found the room Rosa was in, but it was locked. After finding that out, they left. The party met up, and we went back in.

Calvin Vincent met us and basically told us we weren’t welcome until after close. We denied his chili dogs and then waited until close. After entering in, we find Calvin and Rosa sitting together. Rosa was a bit distraught, but not really wanting to run. We questioned both Calvin and Rosa to make sure Rosa is fine and why she was there. Calvin responded, “I will gladly return her to you after daybreak.”

We find this very odd, and question further. Calvin feels that something “has her scent” and needs his protection. Rolf, at some point, put a calming hand on Rosa’s shoulder and, while not feeling any magic, felt a similar sensation to one of the sensations he felt at the house with Elle. We then start questioning Calvin, asking who Otis Henning is. He coyly responds, “I have no idea.” Rosa ejaculates, “that’s bullshit!” We then ask “Where’s Dobson?”

Calvin does not like this. “It’s really hard to come up with a good identity.” He then stands up and two winter / wild ogres stepped out of the shadows. Calvin pulls out two axes. “You can either leave, or we’re going to have a problem here.”


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